Thanksgiving 2011

I didn't want to even attempt to follow any traditions.

Too many changes had already been forced on me.

Instead of grasping at straws from the past,

I wanted to reach out to a whole new future.

Michelle and I headed out Thursday morning to

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

smilin at the arboritum more smilin at the arboritum sippin nectar
fuzzy one

Saw some wildlife.

<- The fuzzy one was a coati.

The feathery one was a hummingbird. not sure what kind.->

feathery one
smilin at the arboritum
lil pincushion cactus

Spent time in a beautiful place in the company of a beautiful lady.

Don't get me wrong; I'm a big fan of stuffing, turkey and gravy.

Maybe next year, I'll have a big meal with a big bunch of family.

But I'll be thanking God for this a day for a very long time.

down by the creek